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The Mood Meter App Is Here – Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence

Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence has developed a Mood Meter Application

How are you feeling, really…?
Tell your Mood Meter mobile app exactly how you feel and build emotional intelligence that lasts a lifetime.

Expand your emotional vocabulary – Discover the nuances in your feelings.
Gain insights about your inner life – Learn what’s causing your feelings over time.
Regulate your feelings – Use effective strategies to help you regulate your feelings: enhance the way you manage your life each day.
Remember to check in with yourself – Use reminders to check-in on your feelings throughout the day.
View your report – Learn how your feelings are affecting your decisions, relationships, and performance.

Learn More about the Mood Meter Here!

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HeadStrong Mentor Training at BEST on 10/29 – “Identity & Meaningful Projects”

Join HeadStrong for Mentor Training for Brain Injury – “Identity & Meaningful Projects”

Brain Energy Support Team, Tacoma – Wednesday, October 29th – 5:00 to 9:00 pm


The HeadStrong Mentor Training Program is designed to train professionals, family members, caregivers, tutors, and anyone living or working with people who live with brain injury. Mentoring is a traditional way societies pass on knowledge by working side by side and setting a positive example. This training will help you reach your potential to be an empowering support person.

The Mentor Training includes four training modules:
*  Identity After Brain Injury
*  Meaningful Projects & Activities
*  Positive Behavior Supports
*  Conflict Resolution

In each module we explore the concepts and learn practical skills to empower ourselves and people living with brain injury. We explore the role of social identity in rebuilding life after brain injury; design meaningful projects and activities, learn skills for positive behavior supports, and practice communication tools that build trust during conflict resolution. We provide a binder with all training materials and handouts to use in your work or home setting.

In this training at BEST we will cover the first two modules:”Identity after Injury & Meaningful Projects and Activities.

We will offer trainings in the last two modules: Positive Behavior Supports & Conflict Resolution in January 2015.

See our “Mentor Training” page on our website:
or contact Desiree Douglass at or 360-220-1422.

Comments on the Mentor Training:
“All of the information was incredibly useful…”
“Visually Appealing… detailed and cutting edge…”
Great Sensitivity and inclusive language
“Rebuilding Identity” and “Conflict Resolution” were so helpful
“Liked the group because it gets everyone on the team on the same page”

Mentoring is a traditional way societies pass on knowledge and skills, working side by side and setting positive examples. Anyone can use mentoring skills, whether you are a parent, family member, caregiver, teacher, tutor, or other professional.

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HeadStrong/BICA Fall Caregiver Dinner- Seattle

HeadStrong/BICA Fall Caregiver Dinner- Seattle

WHEN: Tuesday, October 28 from 6:30 PM to 9:30 PM
WHERE: Bahama Breeze
15700 Southcenter Pkwy Tukwila, WA 98188

Happy Fall Everyone!
We have had the most wonderful summer I can remember here in the lovely PNW. In August, we had a great picnic with BEST at Dash Point State Park and in October we had a fabulous time co-hosting with Seattle Children’s and BIAWA at Camp Korey’s Family Fall Fun Day.

It’d be great to get all of us parents and caregivers together for our fall caregiver dinner at Bahama Breeze at Southcenter Mall.

We often have a topic for our dinners and would love to hear your interests. Just post a note in the comments section if there is a topic you would us to highlight. If we don’t get any specific requests, our topic for our Fall Dinner will be “Planting Seeds for Success – Education and Vocation Resources”.

We hope to see you at Bahama Breeze!

HeadStrong and Brain Injury Caregiver Alliance


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Camp Korey Fall Family Fun Day coming October 4th for youth ages 5 – 17 living with brain injury

Fall Family Fun Day coming October 4th at Camp Korey for youth ages 5 – 17 living with brain injury and families. Family Fall Fun Day is an opportunity for youth to drop in and bust out at the beautiful Camp Korey in Carnation, WA! Camp counselors lead dynamic choices that provide something for everyone – whether that’s making new friends, playing silly games, or creating something amazing, and definitely having a good time!

1:00 – 5:00 PM

28901 NE Carnation Farm Rd.
Carnation, WA 98014

To RSVP or for more
Information, please contact:
Rachel Harmon
(206) 987-4265

14-08-28 CAMP KOREY OCT 4 2014

Share Your Thoughts about Sexuality & Dating after Brain Injury?

Would you Share Your Thoughts about Sexuality & Dating after Brain Injury?

We are two University of Puget Sound graduate occupational therapy students developing a resource manual about social, emotional, and physical issues related to sexuality and dating after brain injury.

We would love to hear from both males and females with TBI between the ages of 14-30, who are verbal and mobile in the community. We would sincerely appreciate input from family members as well.

Please contact us if you are willing to share your thoughts, concerns, and/or experiences.


Lauren Rollins


Libby Herriot


Leave a message at 253.879.3532 and we will call you right back.

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Neuron tells stem cells to grow new neurons: First piece of new brain-repair circuit identified

June 2, 2014
Duke University
Researchers have found a new type of neuron in the adult brain that is capable of telling stem cells to make more new neurons. Though the experiments are in their early stages, the finding opens the tantalizing possibility that the brain may be able to repair itself from within.
Screen Shot 2014-09-14 at 12.44.38 PM
In this artist’s representation of the adult subependymal neurogenic niche (viewed from underneath the ependyma), electrical signals generated by the ChAT+ neuron give rise to newborn migrating neuroblasts, seen moving over the underside of ependymal cells.
Credit: Illustration by O’Reilly Science Art

Join BEST & HeadStrong for our Picnic at Dash Point State Park, Sunday August 17

Join BEST & HeadStrong for Our Picnic at Dash Point State Park, Sunday August 17 for BBQ, picnic, and games at the beach!
Camping Option Too!

Picnic Starts:

Sunday, August 17 12:00 to 3:00 pm

Beach Parking Picnic Shelter – S2

Dash Point State Park

5700 Dash Point State Park Road

Federal Way, WA 98023

We bring hamburgers, hotdogs, fixings, and beverages.

You bring your family and friends and a side dish or dessert

RSVP and for more information, contact:
Becky Prichard at 360-621-0109 or OR
Gloria at 877-719-2378 or

More Information about Dash Point State Park Here

BEST has reserved Group Site “G-1” for all who want to camp also.
There are 12 individual sites within the Group Camp. RV parking is allowed in the group camp. However, there are no electric, water or sewer hookups available. This site has average conditions and is not ADA accessible. Minimum capacity is 20 persons and maximum allowed capacity is 96 people.

We ask that folks with motor homes and larger 5th-wheels refrain from trying to fit into this area. If someone has something that is 21 feet or less that should be fine. Call Gloria at 877-719-2378 or for more information about camping.See attached fliers for more information or contact Gloria at 877-719-2378 or for support on camping.

14-08-04 BEST HeadStrong Picnic Flier_Page_1  14-08-04 BEST HeadStrong Picnic Flier_Page_214-08-04 BEST HeadStrong Picnic Flier_Page_214-08-04 BEST HeadStrong Picnic Flier_Page_2