Caregiver Dinners

Caregiver Dinners – Seattle and Tacoma
All friends or family members providing care are welcome. These dinners are filled with honest sharing about the realities of caring for our loved ones living with brain injury. We always have a topic or theme and share resource that we are finding to support recovery. We laugh a lot. We cry sometimes too. We share the things we are finding that work for recovery.  We gain strength in sharing experiences, information, and  supporting each other.

“We meet at local restaurants in Seattle and Tacoma.
In Seattle we typically meet on the fourth Tuesday of the even months (Feb, April, June, August, October).
In Tacoma we typically meet on the fourth Tuesday of the odd months (Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov)
Click on our Calendar or see the Events page to see upcoming Caregiver Dinners.
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