Education Resources

Education and opportunity are key to a being able to contribute to their community. For children growing up with a head injury or adults recovering from a head injury, opportunities to learn and have meaningful work are critical. It can be very tough for a student who may have been a star pupil to return to school as a special education student in remedial classes with an IEP. The Good News is that TBI is a constantly moving target through recovery with the potential for great accomplishments. It takes passionate teachers, special education staff and community support to give the injured student the support, special accommodations AND the expanding opportunities so they can really maximize their recovery in school. The same is true for post-school vocational opportunities. We have included a few links to organizations and community services related to education and vocational opportunities that have been recommended to us. We will add to this page as we learn more so if you know of either public or private organizations that excel in meeting these needs, please email us contact information at:

For legal support on educational issues, please see LEGAL Resources.

Washington State office of the Education Ombudsman

Partnerships for action. Voices for Empowerment.

Brain Injury Alliance of Washington Education Resources

Boyer’s Children’s Clinic

King County Parents Coalition

WA State Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

Washington Initiative for Supported Employment
Jim Correy 206-343-0881
Tutoring and Education Tools:

A great Web-based Tutoring/Learning site for elementary through middle school students

Mind Tools
Mind Tools helps develop time management and organizational skills.

New Horizons for Learning – Neurosciences

2013-2015, A Guide to Careers and Education in Washington