Legal Resources

Excellent legal advice and support can help make sure that your child
receives the resources and support so critical to recovery. Legal support
can also be a great resource for medical, insurance, liability, and later,
educational and vocational issues that are unique to traumatic brain injury.

It is commonly recommended that families find and retain a reputable
Personal Injury attorney as soon as reasonable after a severe injury such as
traumatic brain injury. Make sure you do due diligence including reference
checks, case outcome review, etc. Here are some legal resources and Puget
Sound Area legal firms that have been recommended to us attorneys with
special skills in personal injury, vehicle crash and/or TBI cases. If you
know of an outstanding legal resource or firm you think we should add to
this list, please email us at:

HeadStrong as an organization does not endorse any of the listed individuals. Some families in Headstrong have found them to be helpful resources and aides in the recovery of brain injury.


Brain Injury Law
Brain Injury Law Office provides assistance in dealing with the diagnosis of
brain injury and other issues relating to brain injury and the law. Neuro Trauma Law Nexus helps explain how the legal system works with brain
and spinal cord injury cases.

Northwest Justice Project
Northwest Justice Project provides a clearinghouse of legal self-help
materials and tools that provide information about non-criminal legal
problems affecting low-income people in Washington State .

Wrights Law


Jeff Tilden
Gordon, Tilden, Thomas, and Cordell

Will Smart
Keller and Rohrback LLP

Bill Dussault

Dussault Law Group

Michael Nelson

Nelson, Blair, Langer, Engle

Simon Forgette

Forgette Law

Keith Kessler
Stritmatter Kessler Whelan Coluccio
413 8th Street
Hoquiam, WA 98550
Business (360) 533-2710
Fax (360) 532-8032

Todd Gardner:
Swanson Gardner
4512 Talbot Road South
Renton, WA 98055-6216
Business (425) 226-7920
Fax (425) 226-5168

Richard Adler
Adler Giersch

Tara L. Eubanks
Attorney at Law
Graham, Lundberg & Peschel, P.S. Inc.
500 John Street
Seattle, WA 98109
Phone: 206-448-1992
Fax: 206-448-4640


Jan G. Zager
Attorney at Law
2835 82nd Avenue SE Suite 300
Mercer Island, WA 98040
Jan G. Zager is a lawyer who focuses on the legal rights of children and young adults.
A graduate of Bryn Mawr College and Stanford Law School, she was the Legal
Director of Student Advocacy, Inc. in suburban New York City and also had a private
practice in special education, child welfare and at-risk youth law before her move
to the Seattle area. An adoptive parent, she knows from personal experience the
challenges (and blessings) of raising non-cookie cutter kids and the havoc being
different can wreak on learning and self-esteem.. She has taught in the education
schools of Mercy College (New York) and Antioch University (Seattle) and has
lectured widely on school and youth-related issues. She spent two years in clinical
pastoral education training at the University of Washington Medical Center working
as a chaplain on multi-disciplinary teams in psychiatry and palliative care.

Priya Sinha Cloutier
Attorney at Law
Cloutier & Engle PLLC
320 Dayton Street, Suite 260
Edmonds, WA 98020
Phone: 425-275-9455
Fax: 425-275-9454

Stephanie N. Petersen
Deno, Millikan, Dale, Decker, Petersen & Nichols, PLLC
3411 Colby Avenue
Everett, Washington 98201
Telephone: 425-259-2222
Fax: 425-259-2033

Jeannette A. Cohen, M.ED.J.D.
711 North 165th St.
Shoreline, WA 98133
(206) 542-7234