HeadStrong reaches out to families through multiple pathways. We are listed by the
Washington State Brain Injury Alliance (BIAWA) and TBI Survivors Network as a
Support Group for families and youth; we keep brochures available at Harborview Medical
Center (HMC) and Seattle Childrens; and we have a Recovery Tote Program with HMC.

HeadStrong’s Recovery Tote Program is a collaboration with Harborview Medical Center to reach out to families with children in the Harborview Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) who have suffered a brain injury. Each Recovery Tote includes an array of practical items that help families while their child is in the PICU. The tote bag contents include: a blanket (parents usually sleep in the waiting room during this critical period), personal care items, snacks, business card holder, notebook, pens, and a disposable camera. It also includes crucial educational materials, a list of brain injury resources, and an introduction to HeadStrong and BIAWA support services and events. The program gives tangible support to the families, and many write us to express how helpful and well-thought out the tote contents were. Many of the families connect with HeadStrong to participate in our family, caregiver, and social events after they return home.

07-03-21 HEADSTRONG TOTE visual