There are 1.7 million brain injuries every year in the US. Half of these are to children. Nearly half (44%) are caused by vehicle crashes. Statistically it takes $4 million per person, and between 5 and 10 years of recovery to achieve the fullest recovery possible for each of these victims. With numbers like these, our communities, schools, churches, and social organizations need to know more about brain injury.

 Advocacy does two critical things:
1.      Educate the public about brain injury and how to be supportive of people living with brain injury. Our goal is to end the stigma, isolation, and        depression that people living with brain injury often experience and replace it with companionship, engagement, and hope.
2.      Educate about the causes and prevention of brain injury. Support prevention programs such as anti-distracted, anti-drinking and driving programs; bike and ski/snowboard helmets; swim and water safety programs; and anti-shaken-baby education.
HeadStrong presents at numerous conferences on youth and brain injury. Our presentations include educators, artists, youth living with brain injury, and others. Our goal is to end the stigma, isolation, and depression that too often follows brain injury and replace it with companionship, engagement, and hope. We also participate in prevention programs and presented at Harborview Medical Center at the Pedestrian Safety Summit and testified in Olympia for the first Washington State Cell Phone bill. We worked with Lowell Weiss and the Distracted Driver Task Force of Washington State (DDTF) to make talking on a cell phone while driving a Primary Offense as opposed to a Secondary Offense.

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