Aspiring Youth Social Skills, Summer Camp, Tutoring and More!

The Aspiring Youth program has been providing social skills groups, summer programs and other services for children, adolescents and young adults and their families since 2004. We are a nationally accredited program and part of Ryther (linked), a non-profit leader in behavioral health services for over 125 years.

Our students have ability, aspiration and integrity. They also have a wide range of interests. One thing that our students have in common is that they have often been perplexed, frustrated or withdrawn from their dominant social setting. Some of our students are shy, some are quirky and some are twice exceptional. Many have a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, learning disabilities or other similar traits. By creating trust, connection and an engaging community, we help our students as they navigate the social world.

In our programs, students develop tools and confidence to navigate the social world. Through consultation with parents, teachers and providers, we help our students generalize these new skills to their social, academic and family life. We also provide coaching, tutoring and young adult transition services that leverage the work done in our groups and summer programs.

We create an environment where students can make sustainable friendships. Our master’s level facilitators use engaging activities that strengthen self-esteem and group trust. In addition, through weekend ‘social nights out’ and other events, students connect to friends and build a new social community.

Our group facilitators and coaches have diverse training in the fields of education, psychology and social work. We hire dynamic people who have extensive experience working with this student population and want to innovate and grow.

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