Disability Rights Washington Wants to Hear From You!

Disability Rights Washington (DRW) is investigating the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) eligibility criteria for the category of “other conditions.”  Currently, TBI is a “rejected” condition for eligibility purposes.  DRW believe that people who have had a head injury before the age of 18 should be able to be considered for DDD services based on their functional needs.  They base this on their understanding of Medicaid and American’s with Disabilities Act law.

DRW wants to talk with families and individuals with TBI who have been denied DDD services under the “other conditions” category.

Please call Regan Bailey  or Emily Cooper at (206) 324-1521 to share your experience.  We will share what we know about the policy and what DRW is planning to do about it. You can also email Regan Bailey  at reganb@dr-wa.org

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