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Your membership with HeadStrong enables us to fulfill our mission to support youth and families recovering from TBI, through the following programs:

  • Family Events
  • Harborview TBI Recovery Totes
  • TBI Youth Camp
  • Youth Mentor Training

We also provide education and outreach about distracted driving and the need for prevention and recovery support. Your contribution provides vital support for our recovering youth today and for years to come.

Contributions to HeadStrong’s mission can be made by filling out the form to the right and then continuing on to PayPal or via any Cascade Branch location.

If you are a survivor or family member and wish to become a member of HeadStrong, but are unable to contribute at this time, please join free of charge by filling out the fields on the right. After clicking “Complete Membership”, you can simply ignore the link to PayPal.

We gratefully welcome your donation today at any level of support. Full membership begins with a $20 annual individual contribution, or $60 for a family membership. You will receive our annual newsletter and an invitation to the HeadStrong Annual Picnic.

HeadStrong is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and all donations are tax-deductible.

To make your donation securely through PayPal, click the Donate button.

PayPal does accept all major credit cards displayed above.

If you prefer to mail in your contribution, you can mail it to:

Cascade Bank
19419 Highway 99
Lynnwood, WA 98036
P: 425-775-6666
F: 425-775-6671

Make your check out to ‘HEADSTRONG’

Thank you for your support!

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