HeadStrong Just Become a Sponsor of the Film “Who Am I to Stop It?” You Can Too!

HeadStrong Just Became a Sponsor of this GREAT Documentary about Artists Living with Brain Injury!

You Can Too!

A message from the filmmakers:

My name is Cheryl Green. I am working with documentary filmmaker Cynthia Lopez on Who Am I To Stop It, a documentary about three artists with brain injury in the Pacific Northwest. It’s inspired by how immersing myself in the arts restored my sense of purpose, identity, and connection to my community after a brain injury in 2010.

We’re making a documentary about artists because we’re very curious about creativity and disability. What happens to a person’s sense of self when society’s typical imperatives for success (like having a career or raising kids) are replaced by a new, sometimes impossible imperative of a heroic full recovery? How effective is art as a mechanism for getting back a sense of self-pride and contribution to community, no matter where we are in our journey or recovery?

Our goal is to create an opportunity for people with brain injuries, their families and communities, and the population in general to reflect on society’s need to better understand individuals with brain injury. Only then can we be more accepting and inclusive, making more space for participation in the larger community. It’s important to me that this film come from within our community, which is why I teamed up with a professional filmmaker instead of handing the project over to her entirely.

We have raised $20,000, which allowed us to film performances, exhibitions and art making by each of our artists, as well as daily life. As we move into our final month of filming, we are seeking funds to cover the costs of audio and video recording, editing the final film, creating captions for increased disability access, and making professional recordings of Dani Sanderson (a star in the film) for the soundtrack.

We are currently looking for partners on our project, both individuals and businesses. Any donation amount is graciously accepted. Donations of $250 or larger are tax deductible through our fiscal sponsor, The Hollywood Theatre.

For more information or to become a Sponsor, Contact:
Cheryl Green


We are always open to talking about additional ideas to bring exposure to you or your business through our blog, the two podcasts I host (one is on Brain Injury Radio Network), or whatever else we can come up with. Also, please let us know if your place of business has a workplace giving program!

Watch this sneak preview of “Who Am I to Stop It?”


 Dani beatboxing


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