New TBI Model System Study: Understanding the Support Needs of Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury

Information below reprinted from the Brain Injury Association of Washington and the UW TBI Model System:


Understanding the support needs of individuals with traumatic brain injury

We are looking for people who have a traumatic brain injury or people who provide care and support to someone with a traumatic brain injury to attend a focus group. We want to learn more about the supports needed by people with TBI so that everyday activities, like scheduling appointments, can be completed more easily by individuals with a traumatic brain injury.

Volunteers will be asked to come to the University of Washington, Seattle campus to talk with us and be part of our focus group. We will record the discussion and use what you tell us to help design a device that may help make everyday tasks easier to complete for individuals with TBI. The discussion will take 90 minutes and volunteers will receive $25.

Volunteers with TBI must have a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury, be over the age of 18 and have difficulty with doing some everyday tasks like keeping a schedule and remembering appointments.

Caregiver volunteers must be a family member or paid care provider to an individual with a moderate to severe traumatic brain injury.

All individuals interested in our study must be able to travel to the University of Washington

For more information or to volunteer please contact our project staff at (206) 616-3714, or contact us by email at (Please note that the confidentiality of email cannot be guaranteed)

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