Our Board

Board of Directors:
Desiree Douglass, Environmental PlannerĀ – President and Founder
Lani Dalrymple, Special Needs Trust Officer – Secretary
Harold Shapiro, CPA – Treasurer
Bobbi-jo Marlin, Videographer – Board Member
Katie Gedrimas, Occupational Therapist – Board Member
Reilly Dever, Clinical Research Coordinator, Dept of Neurology – Board Member
Advisory Board:
Richard Ellenbogen, Chief of Neurosurgery, Harborview Medical Center
Susan Apkon, Director of Seattle Childrens Rehabilitation Department
John Kane, Professor Orthopedics and Sports Medicine; U.W. Head Team Physician
Penny Condoll, Executive Director, BEST, TBI Support Group, Tacoma
Mark Fischer, Program Manager, WADVA Vet Corps
Cecelia Roscigno, Research Fellow, Disability Ethics Scholar, Rehabilitation Institute
of Chicago
Tim Feeney, Director, New York TBI Apprentice Program
HeadStrong at the 2013 WA State Brain Injury Conference
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