UW Counseling Study to Treat Depression After TBI

LIFT Study Brochure —– LIFT Study Information Sheet

In an effort to reach out to more individuals with TBI who can benefit from participating in this study, the University of Washington Department of Rehabilitation Medicine is now enrolling individuals who reside in WashingtonAlaskaMontana, or Idaho (WAMI region).  Also, they are enrolling individuals whose injury occurred up to 10 years ago. As a reminder, this is a counseling study, delivered either over the phone or in-person, to treat depression after complicated mild to severe TBI.  This study is for anyone who meets the following criteria:

· At least 18 years old
· Speaks English fluently
· Resides in the WAMI region
· Sustained a complicated mild to severe TBI in the last 10 years
· Appears depressed

Please note:

  • It is OK if the person is also engaged in some other form of counseling (e.g., Rehab Counseling), as long as it is not psychotherapy specifically for depression
  • It is OK if the person is on an antidepressant
  • Participants who are randomized to Usual Care are free to pursue any treatment outside the study
Below are an updated Information Sheet and Brochure about the study.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Research Study Coordinator if you have any questions about the study.
Kenneth K. Marshall, BA
Research Study Coordinator
University of Washington
Department of Rehabilitation Medicine
Harborview Medical Center
325 Ninth Ave, Box 359612
Seattle, WA  98144
P:   206.744.3609, 206.543.4213
F:   206.744.8580
E:   mars2087@u.washington.edu
Toll Free:   866.577.1925

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